About us

About Us

Trickslav.com is a technology website. In which you provide information related to technology and application. Friends, if you want related information from technology or related information from the new application, then in this website you will find all the information about all the new applications. So friends, if you are interested in technology and you want to know about the new application, then we keep adding articles daily on this website. Friends, you also get information about Amazon’s relayed discounts from Flipkart through this website.


Friends are changing technology every day and every day new technology is coming out in the market. From today’s time everything to food to mobile recharge, everything is available on your mobile. You can do everything through sitting application of your house. If you have something to eat, then you have an order through the application. And when you have to pay a bill, you can also fill your mobile

Friends are releasing new applications every day. In which all applications are useless, which are not of your work, but some applications that are of your work but you do not know about them. Friends, we will tell you the application through this website. About their features, and how those applications work.

Friends today have a lot of shopping applications such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. If someone goes on a daily deal that you do not know about, then friends, we will talk about all those deals. Which can work for you. And you could take advantage of them

Our Mission

Friends, our purpose is to give you the correct information about the new application that can be useful to you and that can help you. Friends, through this application, how about the application’s features, how the application works, and how the application can be useful to you. All the information about that application will be given to you.

And friends continue to have a new deal on the shopping website. We tell you all the details about all those deals through this website. How much benefit will you get from those deals, that such deals can be beneficial for you and how you can take advantage of that deal.

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