New Torrent Search Engine Review was the most torrent website, in starting, this website indexed millions of torrents. But at this time this website is no more.

Many of the people, how to know this website, they search this website again and again on the web, but they don’t found anymore. So if you want to know more about this website, then read completely.

Because in this article, I telling you everything about the Bitsnoop website and also tell you the Bitsnoop alternative website, which can helpful for you.

So firstly we know about the Bitsnoop website and how it works.

What is Bitsnoop Website

Bitsnoop is a torrent search engine, by which any users can download any torrent file like pirated movies, software, games and many more.

This website was started in 2008 but after some time this website banned by many IPs addressee across different countries. Because this is the proxy website and share illegal content.

Bitsnoop proxy website was last seen on 31st march and then a new message was seen on this website on 1st April, that is “It’s been a nice ride, but all thing eventually comes to an end, Thank you, we love you, we will miss you, keep being awesome”.


So after blocking this website on many of the countries then Bitsnoop developer decided to ban this website and all the data, put on another torrent website Zooqle.

Basically Zooqle is also another torrent website, which also shares pirated movies, tv shows, award function, web series in an illegal way.

This website indexed 1 million websites in the starting time and then increased your indexing power then after some time it was noticed that this website was indexing more than 24 million websites and one million people visited this website per day around the world.

So this website is not working at this time, but many of the people search this website in different keywords like Bitsnoop proxy, Bitsnoop movies download. But after wasting the time, they aren’t able to access this.

I request every user that doesn’t use any proxy or torrent site for downloading because those are doing illegal work, and they are also harmful to your pc or mobile.

How Bitsnoop was works

You also know that Bitsnoop is a torrent website and this website is not working at this time. So after knowing that this website is not working, then the same question comes to everyone that, how these websites work, and how to make money.

So Basically those type torrent websites share pirated movies, tv shows, web series, latest songs, videos, software, games, etc in an illegal way.

When any users, which reach this website, then they see a simple and easy website structure and a search bar. So then they search for any movies or web series in the search bar then after scrolling they see that movie on the homepage and from where they can watch or download easily.

Those websites don’t work on the webserver, rather they share files from one computer to another computer. And after uploading any file, anyone can not delete them.

Those websites use third-party ad networks for earning. The stats of the Bitsnoop torrent website, before closing, are given below.

Content Type Movies, Tv Shows, Games, Software, Music, Games, Ebook etc
Google Postion #1
Total Files 80, 571,0560
Total Server 7,531
Visitors 1, 86,566 per day
Views 2,32,392 per day

Which services were provided by Bitsnoop

Torrent website Bitsnoop provide the torrent file to users and any users can visit this website for free. There are many categories are available on this site, in which anyone can download.

  1. Pirated Movies
  2. Proxy software
  3. Pirated Games
  4. Web series
  5. Tv series
  6. Anime
  7. Latest Application
  8. Online Community
  9. Online Game
  10. Ebook
  11. Music

What is the Alternative of Bitsnoop Website

There are many torrent sites are also works on the web, those are also doing illegal work, and banned in many countries. So the list of all Bitsnoop alternatives is given below.

1. Extra Torrent

Many of the people also know this website and will get advantage of this website. This website is free of cost and provides all pirated files, which you want to download or watch. All latest movies, games, mp3 songs, software, tv serials, videos, web series, etc are available on this website.

But be careful about using this website, because this website can be harmful to your mobile or laptop.

Total Files 7,56,532
Total Server 7,543
Per Hours Views 2,50,256 per day
Per Hours Visitors 3,32,655 per da

2. Torrentz

Torrentz is also a very big torrent search engine, which helps users to provide the torrent file. Approximately millions of users visit this website per day. Many types of files like the latest movies, songs, videos, Mp3 songs, tv serials.

Torrentz is a very popular website in 2012, because this website was indexed 24 million websites, and 1 million visitors visit this website per day.

Total Files 1,53,766
Total server 6,543
Visitor 1,24,754 per day
Views 2,78,543 per day

3. Isohunt

Isohunt is also a torrent search engine, which is similar to Bitsnoop and also an alternative to Bitsnoop. This website is very popular in 2011 among the visitor because this site help to visitors to find the torrent file.

And anyone, who wants to share torrent files with others can upload the file without any cost and any users can download this torrent file easily. Daily millions of users visit this site for downloading the latest pirated movies, songs, Mp3 songs, videos, apps, software, books, and many other things.

Google Rank #1
Total Files 1,64,784
Toal Server 3,878
Visitor 1,89,847 per day
ViewsT 2,74,944 per day

4. Zooqle

I hope you will also know about this torrent website, some months ago, torrent website Bitsnoop announced that they had handled all their data to Zooqle website. So after this announcement, the Zooqle website will be popular and this name went on everyone’s mouth.

This website indexed moth than a million torrents and provide visitors. This interface of this website is very simple and after searching any keyword, Zooqle provides the torrent file related to that keywords.

 Google Rank  #1
 Total Files  1,55,345
 Total server 3,546 
 Visitor 1,25,899 per day 
 Views 2,98,734 per day 

5. Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor is one of the popular websites among the torrent word, which indexed millions of torrent websites and give you to visitors. This website also banned in many countries because some illegal content are found on it.

All torrent data are available on this website in different forms like movies, games, videos, software, anime, tv series, web series, and much more. This tries to provide the best torrent to their visitors.

Google Rank #1
Total Files 1,73,899
Total Server 4,895
Visitors 1,98,784 per day
Views 2,98,784 per day

6 is an emerging torrent site, many of the people don’t know about this. But this is also very popular in the torrent world. Million of visitor visit this website every month and search their keyword for download.

This website deal in may torrent files categories like the latest movies, games, software, web series, tv-series, and much more, and indexed also many of the torrent sites.

 Google Rank #1 
 Total Files  1,89,783
 Total Server  4,566
Visitors   1,65,733 per day
Views   2,98,783 per day

7. Sumotorrent

If I talk about the torrent site then Sumotorrent will be on the mouth of visitors. There are many reasons for the popularity of this website the main is the speed and quality of the torrent file.

All visitors, which download the torrent file are very satisfied because the quality of torrent files is outstanding. But when one torrent website is banned those developers are worked on another website, so the same has happened with this website. After some time the popularity of this website decreased.

 Google Rank  #1
 Total Files 1,98,788 
Total Server  2,987 
Visitors  1,98,788 per day
 Views 2,98,733 per day 

8. TorrentHounds

TorrentHunds is a torrent search engine and also a father of all torrent sites. This website is very popular among the youngers because this website provides all types of torrent fils. All olds torrent files like old movies, old games, etc, and all new torrent files, you can see on this website.

The speed is also very high and this website updates every day, which is why this website is very popular. And I can say that this is work as the best alternative of Bitsnoop.

 Google Rank  #1
 Total Files  1,87,288
 Total Server  2,873
 Visitors  1,87,627 per day
 Views  2,83,644 per day

9. YifyTorrent

YifyTorrent is another torrent search engine, which allows users to download the torrent files. This search engine also free and no need any registration for using this. Easily you can visit this website and can search for any files, which you can found.

Many types of torrent files are also available on this website, this website also deals in many categories like latest movies, Music, Mp3 song video songs, Games, Software, Torrent Ebook, Torrent files, etc.

 Google Rank  #1
 Total Files  1,98,738
 Total Server  4,784
 Visitors  1,98,728 per day
 Views  2,98,783 per day

10. Mininova

Mininova is a big website from the list of torrent website, this website is very simple and easy to use, Millions of visitors visit this website every day, And search many of the keywords for finding their file. This wants to create a directory fo all torrent websites in their store.

This online torrent search engine indexed more than 1 million websites and provide best torrent file to the visitor. This website update per day basis and add many of the new files in your directory. Most of the people like this website because of this reason. The previous year stats of this website are given below.

Google Rank #1
Total Files 1,28,783
Total Server 2,873
Visitors 1,82,782 per day

11. Lime Torrent

Lime torrent is an online platform, on which any users can search your query and can find the torrent file, and also upload the torrent files on this website. This website also works as a search engine but this website always provides only torrent content.

Most people don’t know about this website, but this website is very famous among the movies lover. Because many of the latest movies are leaked on this platform. But this is the torrent website and I request you don’t use any torrent website.

Google Rank #1
Total Files 1,98,783
Total Server 2,873
Visitors 1,87,527 per day

12. EzTv

Eztv website is a torrent movie website, which leaked many of the Hollywood latest movies on their platform, and many other extra features are also available on this platform. And any users can get the benefit of all features for free.

There are millions of people use this website per day and search for favorite movies on the search bar and watch it easily. This website is working since 2006 and provide many of the latest movies for free.

Google Rank #1
Total Files 1,26,738
Total Server 3,574
Visitors 1,87,928 per day


This article is only for informational purposes, and we are want to aware of our audience through this article. I request to all viewers that not to use those pirated movies as they are illegal and can be harmful to your mobile. Be Aware, Be Safe.

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