IAS Full Form, Full Form of IAS, IAS Abbreviation

IAS Full Form: Today we will talk about IAS full form. So if you do not know about IAS then this article is for you. So read this article completely. And I hope this article will be helpful to you. And you have any queries and suggestions then you can comment.

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form Indian Administrative Service

IAS Full Form in Hindi

IAS भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा

दरअसल IAS पुलिस डिपार्टमेंट का एक बहुत ही अच्छी पोस्ट का अफसर होता है। बहुत से कैंडिडेट IAS officer बनना चाहते है। IAS बनने के लिए civil Service Exam पास करना होता है। जो की एक बहुत ही कठिन एग्जाम होता है।

IAS Abbreviation 

IAS improvement of Agriculture Statistics
IAS Independent African States
IAS Indian Academy of Sciences
IAS Institute Activites Statement
IAS Institute of African Studies
IAS Instrument Air Supply
IAS Intelligent Assistant System
IAS Inter Atrial Septum
IAS Item Assembly Structure
IAS Islamic Academy of Science
IAS Immediate Access Store
IAS Interactive Advisory Software
IAS International Antiviral Society
IAS Insert After Sequence
IAS Intelligent Autonomous System
IAS Islam Awareness Series
IAS Impact Assessment Sheet
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IAS Internet Authentication Service
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IAS Indiana Astronomical Society
IAS Increased Attack Speed
IAS Institute for Advanced Study
IAS Intertial Active System
IAS International Association of Sufism
IAS Integrated Acquisition System
IAS Indian Administrative System
IAS International Administrative system
IAS Industrial Automation Solution
IAS Immediate Access Storage
IAS Internet Addiction Syndrome
IAS Intelligence Analysis System
IAS International Approval Services
IAS International Aviculturists Society
IAS I Am Sick
IAS Internationally Accepted Standard
IAS Internal Airtightness System
IAS Industry Applications Society
IAS International Accreditation Service
IAS Internet Application Server
IAS Institute of Alcohol Studies
IAS Impact Assessment System
IAS Indian Accounting Standards
IAS Individual Assignment System
IAS Indoor Action Sports
IAS Industrial Automation Show