[ Easy Tricks 2021 ] How to Block International Calls

How to Block International CallsWelcome back to our website, And if you want to block international calls. Then you reached the right place. Because today we will talk about how to block international calls. If you are worried about international calls, and international calls have come on your mobile or landline phone. then I am telling the simple and easy process by which you can block international calls. This is an easy and simple process, by which you can block international calls.

Internation calls come from many companies, which tells the many plans and other things. Mostly the international calls are boring and not useful. So we have no interest in these calls. And we are worried about these calls.

How to Block International Calls

Friends, there are many ways, by which you can block the international Calls. So I explain all the ways, which help you to stop internationals calls. And I hope, you can easily block the international numbers, after reading this article. So read this article completely.

First way

This is the easy method, by which you can block the international calls. Basically, every person used the different sim in your mobile or android phones. And the customer numbers of every company are different. So simply contact our customer care and then you can block the international calls. The sim company may take some time and then all international calls, which comes on your mobile will be blocked permanently.

Second Way

If all international calls are not blocked permanently by the first method, then you can use the second method. There are many application are available on the internet, which can help you. Simply you download the application and then, with the help of this application, you can block the number, which you want to block.

Third Way

There are many companies available, which help you block international calls. But this company takes some money to block the international call.

Fourth Way

In today time, All mobile companies give the option on your mobile, by which you can easily block any number, which bothers you.

So friends these the ways, which can help you to block the international calls. And if you have any problem then you can comment on the comment section.

How to Block a Number on Landline

Friend if you are using the landline phones and you want to block a number on your landline phones, which bothers you. So now we are knowing how to block a number on landline.  This is the simple method, by which you can block any number on landline phones.

Some time many wrong numbers come on the landline phones, which can bother us. So we are thinking that how to block these numbers. So if you are facing these problems, then you can use the simple steps, which help you to block a number on landline.

Steps 1

The first way is to contact the service provider, which can help you. Many of the companies provide this service. So you can contact your service provider by mobiles, emails and any sources, and tells this problem. Many companies may charge for these services. But this is the simple process, by which your problem will be solved.

Step 2

Many of the companies provide a number, by which you can solve this problem. And you can use the code *67 for block the numbers.