[Latest Version] GB Instagram Download

GB Instagram: Welcome back to our website, Friends, today,s time anyone knows about Instagram Apk. Instagram is a Social application, by which you can connect to other peoples. You can share the images, video, and gif to other people. And you can chat with other people. And many other features provided by Instagram. But Many peoples do not happy with this application. Because you do not download any pictures or video. And you want to download then you will help to other thirds party application. So now I am telling about an application, by which you can download pictures and videos and gifs in your mobile gallery. And this application gives the many extra features compared to official Instagram. The name of this application is GB Instagram.

GB Instagram Apk is different from official Instagram Apk. Because this application gives the many extra features, which is not available on official Instagram. And if you want to run two Instagram account on one mobile then you can this application. This application is very simple and easy. And the feature is also easy to run. So if you want to download this application then I am telling the process, by which you can download and install this application easily. So read this article completely. And I hope, after reading this article, you can download GbInstagram easily.

What is GB Instagram

Basically, GB Instagram Apk is the modified App of Instagram, Which provides some extra feature from Official Instagram. This is an amazing application and the feature of this application are also amazing and if you use GB Instagram Apk one time, then you will forget official Instagram. Atnaf Hoaks made this GB Instagram Apk. Atnaf Hokas also made all GB MODs app such as GB Whatsapp, GB Facebook, and other many application. And all the application are amazing. If you do not know about GBWhatsapp or you can want to download GB Whatsapp then I suggest an article GB Whatsapp Download.

GB Instagram gives many themes, which are available in free. And you can download and use these themes, which makes your GBInstagram is more attractive. And GB Whatsapp gives the feature of downloading the Videos and photos on Instagram. Basically, there are much third-party application is available on the internet. But these applications are time-consuming. But with the help of GBInstagram, You can download and crop any image and video easily.

I am using this application for the past three months. I am very happy with this application. The feature of this application is amazing. If you have not downloaded this application yet. then download GB Instagram right now. And With the help of this application, you can use double Instagram account in one mobile.


Name GB Instagram
Latest version 1.60
Developer Name Atnfac Hoaks
Size 30 MB
Team GB MODs
Category Social
Operating system Android
Price Free
Download 2M+
Android required 4,3+

GB Instagram Download

GB Instagram is the most popular application at this time. And most people are moving to GbInstagram because of the reason amazing feature. And most of the people are happy with this application. And you are the person who does not use this application and wants to download GB Instagram Apk. So now knowing, how to GbInstagram download.

  • Firstly go to the setting of your mobile.
  • And click on the Security. And enable the Unknown source.

  • After enabling the unknown source, then click on the GB Instagram Download button.
  • And then click on the link of download.
  • So after some time, the GB Instagram File will be download easily.

How to Install GB Instagram Apk

  • After downloading the Gb Instagram Apk File. Then open this file.
  • And click on the install button.
  • So after some time GB Instagram will be Install easily.
  • Then Open the GB Instagram app.
  • And you can register by mobile number and email id.

So in this way you can run the GB Instagram application easily. The process of installing this application is very simple. So you can download easily. And the all feature of this application is very simple to compare the other Instagram MODs. So you can run easily.

Instagram Feature

GBInstagram gives many amazing features. So now I am telling the feature and uses of those features.

Download Photos & Videos

Through GBInstagram App, you can download the Videos and photos from Instagram. The process of downloading is very simple. Firstly go to the image or video and click on the three bar and click on the download button. And this image or video download easily.

Copy & Share Links

You can copy of links of any memes or videos. And you can share with other people easily. Firstly goto that picture or video and then click on the three tick. And chose the button of copy link.

Apply different Theme

GBInstagram gives the theme of the different type, which you can download and use. And the process of downloading is very simple and you can use easily.

Mark Any Chats

Through this application, you can mark any favorite chats. By which you can chats with that person easily.

Download Story

With the help of GBInstagram, you can download the story of any person. And then you can put on your story.

Crop Images

This is the best feature of GBInstagram that you can download any image, and then you can crop of that image easily.

Open Profile Picture

Through this application, you can open the profile picture of any users. Click on the profile picture of any user and then that picture will be opened automatically.

Dual Instagram

if you want to run two Instagram account on one mobile, then this condition this application is very useful for you.

Translate Comment to other Language

GB Instagram provides different type of language. So if you want to translate the chat or comment in other languages then you can do it, with this application.

GB Instagram latest new version feature

Supoort 4, 3+ Android
Internet Acces
Root Not Needed
No Ban Issue
Support IGTV
Applied Themes
Used Extra Emoji
Download Video & Photos
Zoom and Open Profile Picture

Question & Answer (FAQ)

How to Use GB Instagram 

The process of using the GB Instagram is very easy. Firstly you download the Gb Instagram. If you do not know how to install Gb Instagram. Then I explain all process in this article, by which you can download this application.

  • So firstly open the GbInstagram App.
  • And then you can register by email id or mobile number.
  • After the registration, you can choose your unique user name and fill your bio.
  • And then you can follow those people, which you can like. And you can send the request.
  • And now you can use the amazing feature of GBInstagram.

The process of running GB Instagram Apk is similar to official Instagram. So if you use official Instagram then you can use GBInstagram easily.

How to Download Videos and Photos from GB Instagram

So if you want to download videos and other media file from Gbinstagram. Then this is the simple process and I am telling this process, by which you can download all media file, with the help of GBInstagram.

Mostly when we want to download any photo, video and other files, then we will get help from other third-party application. And most of the third party application is not safe. But with the help of GbInstagram App, we can download any image and videos easily.

  • Firstly open the GbInstagram Application.
  • And then click on this image which you want to download.
  • And then click on the three bar, which given on the right side of the application.
  • And then click on the download options.

So in this way, that image or video will be download easily.

GB Instagram is Safe or Not

Yes, GBInstagram is purely safe. And you can use this application without any fear. And any do not misuse of your private data.

Which application is better among Official Instagram and GB Instagram

Instagram is the first application, which gives the facility to connect to other people. And GB Instagram is the modified application of Instagram, Which provide the extra services compared to Instagram. So GbInstagram Apk is the better application compare to Official Instagram Apk.

What is the latest version of gbinstagram

Version 1.60 is the GBInstagram latest version in 2019. The size of this application is 30 MB. And the downloading of this application is 2M+. So this application is very popular.

Final Word

So these conclusions arise that GB Instagram App is the very popular application in 2019. And everyone like this application for the reason for the amazing feature. And most of the people move on to GB Instagram. And I am also using this application for the past three months. And the result of this application is amazing. And I am very happy with this application. And I hope this article will be helpful to you. And if you have any problem related to this application then you can comment on the comment section. I will try to give the best.