How to Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2022

GBWhatsapp Download APK latest version 2022 Anti-ban. You can use this extra feature without the ban issue. Many latest feature is added on this application like support many languages, enable stickers, Hide Whatsapp status, different Gb themes, Lock chat, Hide Theme, Latest Theme, etc.

APK Name GBWhatsApp 2022
Android Version 8.30
App Size 53.5 MB
Feature  Many extra features, Without Ban issue

Hello, friend again welcome to my channel. And today we are talking about, How GBWhatsapp Download. Friends GBWhatsapp is a third party app. Most of the people know about GB WhatsApp Apk, and some people do not know about GB WhatsApp.

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If you want to know that ” How GBWhatsapp download or GBwhatsapp download 2022” then read the complete article. And in this article, we will give a link, by which you can  GBWhatsapp download. Today we are talking about the feature of GB WhatsApp Apk. And we have provided a direct link, you can go to the link and download the Apk.

GBWhatsapp Download

Friends, You know about the Whatsapp app. And this app is the download of every person’s mobile. But GB WhatsApp is different from old WhatsApp app. In WhatsApp, the application is an available limited feature, But in GBWhatsapp Apk are added much more feature.

In GBwhatsapp download application, you can change the WhatsApp icon and added more emojis and you can contact other people who are not in your contact list. So you continued to read this article “GBWhatsApp download or GBwhatsapp download 2018” and download this amazing application in your device.

What is GBWhatsApp App

GBWhatsapp is an android social media app, which helps to communicate with your contact. Many different and latest features are available on this application compared to the WhatsApp like 500+ emojis, Add lots a member in one group, revoke old message, share old location, etc. Basically GBWhatsapp application is the advanced version of original Whatsapp, which developed by third part  

What’s GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2022

Friends every person knows about the WhatsApp application. And WhatsApp is the most popular app in the latest time. Through this app, you can transfer your image, video, and document and you can chat with your friends. This app is very simple and easy to run.

After the famous WhatsApp application, a new application came. And This application name is GB WhatsApp. This application is the third party application. And many new features are available in this application.

I installed this app and run it. this is an amazing application and this is very simple to install and run. And about this application, you contact the new person who is not your contact list and you should improve your communication skill to understand the new people. this application is not available on the play store. So we have given a link, where you can go and download the” GBWhatsapp application” app. And you can take the enjoy of this application.

Version Name 8.30
App Name GBwhatsapp
APP Size 28 MB
Language English
Root required No

What is the feature of GBWhatsapp Apk 2022 

There are many different new features is added in GB WhatsApp latest version. And I am telling the feature of this application and when you install this app then you can enjoy these features.

  1. Change last seen.
  2. Support more language.
  3. Enable stickers.
  4. Change media visibility of specific contacts in the gallery.
  5. You can send a message to other numbers, who are not in your contact list.
  6. You can use the auto-reply feature on this app which will help you send the reply automatically.
  7. Pay to friend through the bank account.
  8. Modify the last location.
  9. Mark as reading the message from the notification.
  10. You can select all chat at once from the home screen of this app.
  11. You can play WhatsApp video with your favorite video player.
  12. Revoke old message.
  13. Now you can read the group description in header like normal status.
  14. Added new Emoji support.
  15. New Emoji and gif added.
  16. Added effects in images and videos while sending.
  17. Make the call to the noncontact number.
  18. Hide view status privacy.
  19. Send videos up to 50 MB.
  20. You can add 100+ languages.
  21. Set a group name up to 35 characters.
  22. You can change the theme easily.
  23. Create your WhatsApp theme.
  24. You can change the WhatsApp icon and notification icon.
  25. And you can add lock-on WhatsApp.
  26. You can hide last seen, blue ticks, single ticks, and status from other users.
  27. Ability to copy the select text of WhatsApp.
  28. you can send broadcast messages up to 600 people at once.

How to Download GBWhatsapp

If you want to download GBWhatsapp Apk and want to enjoy this amazing application. So wait, because I am sharing all process step by step below. So which through you can download the latest version of GBwhatsapp Apk. And still again you faced some problem then you can comment.

Step#1. Firstly enable unknown sources.

So for downloading this application, you will have to enable the unknown source from your mobile, because this is the third party application and without enabling the unknown source, you can not download.

Step#2. Install the GBWhatsapp

After enabling the unknown source, you can download the GBWhatsapp application easily. So for this, you have to search the GBWhatsapp apkpure in the google search bar.

Step#3. Opens the app.

After downloading this application, you have to open the application on your mobile.

Step#4. Enter your mobile number

After that, you have to enter your mobile number in GBWhatsapp application and then your previous account will be opened. But if you have not any account then GBWhatsapp will be sent an OTP (One Time Password) in your mobile number.

Step#5.  GBWhatsapp Activate

Then after that, you will be entered your OTP number in your GBWhatsapp application. So now your GBWhatsapp will be activated, and now you can get the advantage of the ultimate features.

GB Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

So friend, Now we will talk about the GB Whatsapp Tricks and tips. Gb WhatsApp gives the many GBWhatsapp hidden features which are not available to other WhatsApp application. And I shall tell some tricks, by which you can use these features easily.

GBWhatsapp Download Process Infographic

1. Hide Blue Tick Emoji ✔✔

GB Whatsapp gives the feature of hiding Blue Tick emoji. This is an amazing feature. When you not interesting to take chatting with someone. Then you can use this feature to hide the Blue Tick Emoji easily. You click on the three-bar of WhatsApp, which given on the right side of GBWhatsapp. Then you can choose the options of hiding Blue Tick Emoji.

2. Hide Whatsapp Status

With the Help of GB Whatsapp application, You can hide the WhatsApp status easily. This is simple tricks. firstly go to the GBWhatsapp Status section. And click on the right three bar, and then you can choose the hide WhatsApp status options. And you can hide Whatsapp Status.

3. Download Whatsapp Status

Friend, if you want to download the WhatsApp status of any user. Then you can download the status through the GB Whatsapp Apk. This s the simple trick and the options of Download Whatsapp status are given on the Status section. You can click those options, And by which you can download the GB Whatsapp status.

4. Hide Whatsapp Contact

If you want to hide the WhatsApp contact. Then you can do this application. Sometimes you want to need to hide contact to others person, to solve this problem, GBWhatsapp gives the options of hiding contacts. Which you can use easily, and can hide GBWhatsapp status.

5. Hide Online Tick

If you do not see that you are online, then you can use this feature of GB Whatsapp. Through this feature, you can hide your online tick easily.

6. Lock Chat

GB Whatsapp Give the option of lock chat, by which you can lock any specific chat. This is an amazing feature.  You can set the password of GB Whatsapp Chatting, then anyone cannot read your personal chats. Go to the setting and click on the Change password options.

7. GB Whatsapp Themes

GB WhatsApp gives the 1000+ themes, Which you can download and use on your GBWhatsApp. And you can use the custom theme for a specific person. This feature is interesting and only GB Whatsapp gives this feature.

8. Use Auto Reply

GB Whatsapp also gives the feature of Auto Reply. And through this feature, you can select the contact and take the auto-reply.

9. Change App Language

If you want to change the language of your Whatsapp. Then GB WhatsApp gives this feature, by which you can change the language of your WhatsApp easily. And GB WhatsApp gives many languages, which you can choose and use.

10. Change Font

If you want to send a specific message in a specific font to a specific person. Then with the help of GB Whatsapp, you can do this. You can choose any of the fonts, and apply on your chatting. And this feature is available free on GB WhatsApp.

There are some limited feature that is shared with you. And much more feature is available in GB Whatsapp. So download this application now on your device and enjoy its feature. This is the most beautiful and creative app. And I am giving the link below of this content you can check and download this app. And I will tell step by step process by which you can install this app.

How to Download Theme for GBWhatsApp

So friend, If you want to download theme for GBWhatsapp. Then I am telling the process by which you can download the themes and use on your GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp provides many themes, which are amazing and which you can use easily.

Step #1. Open GbWhatsapp Application.

Firstly you have to open your GBWhatsapp application with help of your mobile. If you have any problem with opening this application then please comment below.

Step #2. Open Setting

After opening the application, you have to click on the three-dot, which is given the left side of this application.

Step #3. Download the themes.

Then you will see the many options, and the download theme will be one of them. You have to click on that option, then you will see many of the themes. Now you have to choose one theme and after clicking the download option, you can download easily.

Step #5. Click Apply Button

So after downloading the theme, you have to click on the apply button, and then that theme will be applied on your GBwhatsapp.

So in this way, the themes will be applied easily, which you chose. Their many types of themes are available on GB Whatsapp, which are beautiful and amazing And make your GBWhatsapp more attractive.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version

No, you will know that how to download GBWhatsApp Apk. But some latest version are present with new and interesting features. So if you want to download those new versions then the list are given below. And the all process of GBWhatsapp downloading are given above. you can check.

GBWhatsApp 8.50 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.10 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.12 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.15 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.25 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.26 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 8.30 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.10 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.20 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.40 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.60 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.70 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.90 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 7.99 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 6.10 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 6.40 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 6.60 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 6.85 Latest Version
GBWhatsApp 5.0 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 5.5 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 5.40 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 5.90 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 4.0 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 4.20 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 3.10 Old Version
GBWhatsApp 3.60 Old Version

Final word( GBwhatsapp Download 2022)

So, friend, I am sure that you understand this application. And if you have any queries related to GBWhatsapp download then do comment on the comment box. If you have any information about Gbwhatsapp, you can share it with us. And share this article with your friends and relatives who do not know about GB Whatsapp. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1. How to download GBWhatsapp’s Apk latest Version?

GB WhatsApp is the best application for all, this is the upgrade version of Whatsapp. So if you want to download GBwhatsApp 2018 App then the all process is given above you can check and if you are facing some other problem then you can comment below. I will try to solve your problem.

  • Firstly go to the setting of your mobile and then change the security setting, because this application is not available on the google play store.
  • After then you have to able the Unknow sources.
  • Then you will click on the link, which given above.
  • And then this application will be started to downloading in your mobile.

Q2. What is WhatsApp GB App latest Version?

Whatsapp GB is the upgrade version and there are many other and ultimate feature in this application, the all feature list is given above you can check and if you want to download this application then you can do easily. All Processes are given above.

Q.3. Is GBWhatsapp harmful?

No, it is not harmful. But this application is very big and when you install this application on your mobile, then this application stores your mobile’s huge memory. So if your mobile capacity is less then this application can hang your mobile. So in this condition, this application can be harmful to your mobile.

Q.4. Is GBWhatsapp banned in India?

No, GBWhatsApp is working properly. You can check. But this application is not available on the google play store. So if you want to download it then you will go to the link above. There are many latest version are also present, which you can download and get the enjoy it.

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