Tips For Taking Better Selfies From Mobile

Tips for taking better selfies: Hello Friend, In this article we will talk about selfies, that how can you click a better selfie. If you want click a better selfie then read the article “ Tips for taking better selfies from mobile”. If you like the article “Tips for taking better selfies”, please comment on the comment box. Because your comment makes me more confident.

Tips for taking a better selfies

In today’s time selfies is a trend. Everyone take a selfie and post on social site. So this article ” Tips for taking better selfies” will help to take a better selfie.

Some tips for taking better selfies from mobile

Every picture is say something, this line is true. Friends, in today’s time, everyone has crazy to take selfie. And want to capture every moment of life. But most of time we can not capture better selfie. And later we are regret that we could not take better selfie of that time.

1.  Group selfie

When you take selfies in a group, then first thing you should take care of it, that every member are in different different pose. when all member are in stand straight and take selfie, then this selfie do not attractive.

2. Lighting situation

When you take selfies in the light, then you should keep this in mind, that always light falls on the subject. And this condition you are the subject. So this condition selfie will be very clear and better. And many times you may have noticed that the light shade shines from behind the wall. Then this condition you go to the light shade and click selfie.Do not click the selfie when the light is behind you because the selfie will get black in this condition.

3. Give the best pose

When you want to take a better selfie then this condition you give your best pose, in which you look more attractive and concentrate on your best feature. Because everyone have a best pose in which the picture comes best. So use the pose and click a better selfie.

4. Be creative 

Friends in today’s time ,there are many filter and feature are available in selfie camera you use this amazing fiter and click a more creative and attractive selfie. And always use different experiment with your selfie.

5. Side pose

when you take the selfie the click the selfie from your side pose and give the expiration on your face, like you watching anything. Then this condition your picture will be more attractive.

6. See camera, do not see the screen

Always when you click the selfie then see the camera, do not see the screen. Because when you see the screen your eyes do not open properly and your selfie does not get better. So always see mobile camera.

7. Use other app in which you edit your selfie


After click a picture, use a photo edit app and edit the picture. By which your picture look like better. There are many application are available in google play store. By which you can edit your picture.

Final word

So friend there are some tips by which you can click a better selfie. And tell us how you think of this article” Tips for taking a better selfies from mobile” by commenting in the comment box. And if you have any query related this article then comment on commenting box. Thank you…..

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