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Clean Master App is a virus removal app. Who remove the virus from your mobile or PC and work as a protector. So clean master app is an amazing app, Which should be installed on your phone to protect your mobile.

So Friend today we will talk about clean master app. Friends, everyone has mobile in today’s time, there is no one who does not use mobile. And friends, you may have seen many times that your mobile work stops working or works very slowly. Any application that takes a lot of time to open your mobile phone. So friends are in two situations when either your memory is full or there is a virus in your mobile.

Too Friend In this situation, when your antivirus has arrived in your mobile, then these apps will be very useful to you. You can removed the antivirus of your mobile with the help of this application and this application can helpful for increasing the speed of your mobile is increased. Friends, these applications can prove to be a lifeline for your mobile. Friends, there are many features of the Clean Master App, which I am going to tell you through this application. So friends read this article ” clean master apk” all the time.

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Clean Master App

Clean master app is a powerful virus removal application, which can remove the all virus of your mobile in one click and give the protection of your mobile. And even more feature are available in this application. This application give the privacy of your images and help to increase the speed of your mobile. And helps protect your mobile battery and gives notifications to mobile when your mobile’s battery is low. And removes the junk file in your mobile, And gives the free storage of your mobile.

Friend have 1 billion downloading of the clean master apk on the google play store . So friend, you can make an estimate of how popular this app is. So friends, if there is a virus in your mobile or the speed of your mobile is slow, then you should also download this application.

Feature Of Clean Master App

There are many feature of clean master app. Which we will consider one by one.

  • Phone cleaner 

Friend this is the coolest and main feature of clean master apk. Friend clean master app removes the all virus from your mobile easily. And gives the speed of your mobile. And gives the protection of your mobile.

  • Junk Clean

Friends, many times it happens that many useless files are gathered in our mobile, so we do not show up in our mobiles file managers, nor do we detect those useless files, but they work on our mobile speed. And friends clean master apk helps in deleting those applications.

  • Private Photo

Friends, a lot of pictures are such that we do not want to show to others. So friends can help you with such situations, Clean Master Apk. Friends, these applications give you a feature that lets you lock on the file manager of your mobile. And you can secure your picture from others.

  • Wifi Security 

Friends, it often happens that if you turn on your wifi, then many wifi connections appear in your mobile. So friends, the clean master apk helps you find fake WiFi connections. And protects your mobile from viruses.

  • App Lock

The Clean Master Apk gives the feature your mobile that lets you lock a pin or a photo in your mobile and save your mobile from someone else.

  • Charge Master

Friends Clean Master Apk prevents overcharging of your mobile and saves battery to your mobile and sends notifications to your mobile when the battery low.

How to Download Clean Master App

Friend if you want to download this application then i can give the link of this application, you can go and check the link and if you like this application then you can download this application.


  • Firstly you go to the link
  • Then google play store will open.
  • And then click on Install button.
  • After a while the application will be downloaded.

So friends, you can download clean master apk like this. And can take advantage of this application.

Friends were related from the article Clean Master App. And I know that you have come to know everything about the Clean Master Apk. And friends, if you still have a problem relating to the clean master app, then we can ask you through the comment.

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