How To Charge Your Mobile Faster | Increase Battery Life

How to charge your mobile faster

Hello friend, Today we will talk about How to charge mobile faster. Friends, most of us we are leave our mobile on charging and after some time when we are see the mobile then the mobile are not charge well. In this article we are giving some tips that can help us increase our battery life.

1. Use original mobile charge 

2. Use a battery saving mode

3. Uninstall and stop unuseful app

4. Don’t touch it

5. Turn off bluetooth, wifi and GPS

6. Turn on Airplane mode 

7. Switch off your mobile


Use original mobile charger

Friend, empire power and volt are different of every charger so always use original mobile charger because when you uses another mobile charger then the volt of this charger is different so the charger does not charge your mobile well. so always use original charger.

Use battery saving mode

Friends, now a days battery saving mode is available in every mobile so always on the battery saving mode (Setting>Battery>Battery server). Because when you keep battery saving mode active then this condition your mobile battery is lowdown.

Stop and uninstall unuseful app

Friends, there are so many app in our mobile that we do not use it so this type of application should be delete or go to setting and stop this type of application because this app are running in background and gives the notification on your mobile and the battery of mobile are down slowly slowly.

Don’t touch it

Friends, most of time when our mobile on charging and we keep on touching our mobile so this is the reason that battery does not charge well. Because at that time our charger which passes DC, our mobile does not store more DC because most of the battery at that time used and our do not charge well. So always when our mobile on charging then do not touch the mobile.

Turn off bluetooth, wifi and Gps

Friends, always turn off the bluetooth, wifi and Gps of our mobile because when bluetooth, wifi and gps of mobile are on then are searching other device then this condition our mobile battery lows early. So always turn off the this type mobile feature.

Turn on Airplane mode

Friends, if you want to charge your mobile early so in this situation you should turn on Airplane mode of your mobile. Because when turn on the Airplane mode then the single does not come on our mobile. So this condition our mobile will be charging quickly.

Switch off your mobile 

Friends, this is the trick when we want to charge our mobile quickly then we are turn off the mobile. Because ths condition, all function of our mobile are off. Then the mobile will be charged well.


So friend this is the some tips by which you can increase your mobile battery life and charge your mobile faster. Friends, I hope you have understood these articles. and if you have any query related to this topic then please comment on comment box and if you like this article then share this article to your friends and relative.


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