Subway Surfers App Latest Version Download 2019

Subway Surfers App is a gaming app. Also available in Android, ios and PC. Many people even write it Subway Suffers, but that is subway surfers. Friends, if you are fond of gaming, you must have known about subway surfers  app. But there are many features in this that you do not know, but you do not have to worry. I will tell you through this article what new features are available in this game and how you can play this game. And friends, if you are wondering how to download subway surfers app, then I will give you a link from which you can do it and enjoy this app. so friend read this article completely because this article will give you more information related to subway surfers app.

Subway Surfers App

Friends, today we will talk about what subway surfers app is. Many people will know about this application. Friends, this is a gaming app. In which a boy runs for the police forces on the railway track and runs behind the police. And he runs on the top of the rail, and in the middle, he gets the coin that he has to collect. And as soon as he collects Coin, the points of his stay continue. In the middle, it also comes with a dog, which catches the boy, and if that boy is caught then the game ends on the same. Friends, this is a continuous game that does not end, there as you play a game continuously, then the speed of the boy increases automatically and all things are repeated again and again. And when you play this game, then you play the role of that boy in it. And then you have to collect more than enough cost.

Friend this subway surfer app is released on 24 may 2012. And this was the most downloaded game in 2017. Friends still have its billon downloads on Google Play Store. And today’s time too these games are being played. After all we can say that this is a great game available on the Google Play Store. So if you are searching a game to pass the time, then you can download this game.

Subway Surfers App Character 

Friends do not include more characters in subway surfers app. There is a boy named Jake and who runs to avoid the Polish people. Friends, there are other players in it, some of which you can easily do it, but to do something, you have to collect the character attribute. Friends are also two policemen in this game, who changes the dress according to the situation. And friends also come in a dog that helps the police force to catch that boy.

Friends, if you enjoy breaking rules, then this can prove to be wonderful for you. So friends, if you want to download this game then continue reading further, I will tell you further how you can install it in your mobile.

How to Download Subway Surfers App

Friends This game is available for free on the Google Play Store where you can easily download it. So friend i gives the link of the subway surfers app. So you can check and download the app.

  • Firstly You go to the link.


  • Then click on the install button.
  • And then the game will easily download on your mobile.
  • And you can take the enjoy of this game.

Subway Surfers PC Game Free Download Setup

If you want to download subway surfer app in pc then i explain some step by which you can download the app in your pc.

  • Firstly you go to the given link

Subway Surfers PC Game Free Download Setup

  • Then go to click on the download button.
  • Then you can easily download this app.

Feature of the Subway Surfers App

  • Colorful and HD graphics that make your game even more interesting. Friends have used so many good graphics and sounds that looks real and you get even more fun in the game
  • Friends have shown the best acrobatics of this player. The player and his friend show a one-on-one acrobat on the railway track, which separates the game from the other game.
  • As you move forward and keep adding Coin, your friends also get unblocked.
  • And friends, if you have to take this game forward, then you can help your friends and keep them moving forward with them.

Friends, if you are a hobby to play a game, or you are searching a game to pass the time, then this game can prove to be very good for you. Because This game has very interesting features that make subway surfers app different from others. So friend if you have any queries related to subway surfers app then you can comment on the commenting box.


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